St. Joseph's Home brings a community together

For David Walls, moving into St. Joseph’s Home has meant a new lease on life. Living alone since his wife passed away five years ago, David initially was placed into a community support bed at the home to ease his recovery from surgery.

“I had a hip replacement and didn’t do too well when I went home, so moved here to the third floor,” says David. “I was there two months and got to know the place really well.”

St. Joseph’s Home offers secure assisted living in a home-like setting in the Medicine Hat area. Residents can continue to enjoy an independent lifestyle.

David walked the hallways for exercise and became familiar with the facility, the staff and the care. As part of an entertainment group in the 1980s, David had spent time at St. Joseph’s Home as a singer, so he recognized parts of the home as he ventured further on his walks.

Having stairs at home had become increasingly difficult, so he decided to make St. Joseph’s his permanent home. 

David Walls has been thriving since moving to St. Joseph’s Home.

“After my wife died, living alone has been difficult,” says David. “But it’s like a family here.”

The 20 residents have become their own community, with residents making friends, spending time together at meal times and in recreation, and sharing in each other’s lives.

“I was becoming reclusive, and this has opened up so much to me,” says David. “This has changed my life around.”

Dale Quennell was also living alone when he found his way to St. Joseph’s. His sisters suggested he move here after staying in respite care for two weeks because he was having trouble at home.

Dale Quennell enjoys working on his computer.

“I couldn’t get out of a chair. My muscles were totally wrecked. The doctors did a lot of tests, and I was diagnosed with degeneration of the muscles,” says Dale.

With help from medication, Dale has developed a routine and is able to move around more freely. He regularly dines with the other residents and is also taking a course on how to design a website. One of his sisters says she doesn’t want him to leave St. Joseph’s.

“My sister said if something happens, she is not going to move me again. I’m here. I love it here,” says Dale.

Henry Syverson’s wife needed a helping hand after breaking her leg four years ago, and St. Joseph’s offered the solution.

“We had a nice condo at the time, but she didn’t feel comfortable about going back to the condo. She wanted to see if she could stay here. I was able to come in with her. The meals are good. The staff are all so nice. We are free to come and go as we please,” says Henry.

Henry Syverson and his wife have developed a healthy social life at St. Joseph’s Home.

The couple enjoy a two-room suite with a bedroom and a living area. They participate in activities such as yoga and bingo. And with friends surrounding them, they never have to feel alone.

“It’s like a small family. We’re very happy here,” says Henry.

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