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About Covenant Health, Covenant Care and Covenant Living

Covenant Health brings 150 years of experience in pioneering compassionate, person-centred care to Alberta’s health system. Our vital beat is our mission of service, lived with courage and resourcefulness. For our 15,000 physicians, employees and volunteers serving in hospitals and care centres across Alberta, values are not just words; they are a call to action. As one of Canada's largest Catholic healthcare organizations, we have a lot to offer—a strong culture of being willing to take some risks and innovate, a heart for those on the margins, and the broad reach and expertise to make a difference.

Covenant Care is on a mission to create communities of supportive care across Alberta shaped by a deep respect for the dignity and potential of each member. As a member of the Covenant family, we share a common promise and commitment to walk with Albertans when they need us most. As a nimble, non-profit partner in hospice and seniors’ care, we look for innovative approaches to allow care teams and residents to thrive and work together. We strive for what makes life rich and full at any stage or circumstance: individual choice, a spirit of creativity, the chance to live to our potential and life-giving human connections.

Covenant Living is a private, not-for-profit organization with a focus on retirement living. We serve seniors with timely, accessible housing options in warm, welcoming communities that support independence and active living. We are committed to creating vibrant and healthy communities.

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