Grove City Chorus brings Christmas cheer to Misericordia patients

Every year at this time, the members of the Grove City Chorus gather at Edmonton’s Misericordia Community Hospital in matching green vests and red bow ties to bring some Christmas joy to patients. For more than 20 years, their voices have filled the hospital with a capella carols. The group moves from unit to unit, singing as they go.

“We feel we’re giving but we also feel we’re receiving,” says Jim Cochrane, a 25-year veteran of the chorus. He has seen the power of music first-hand. 

“Music can be important for people who are sick or elderly,” Jim says. “I’ve seen people who don’t talk or communicate suddenly start singing along with us.”

For patient Joan Hiron, a cheerful visit from carollers was an unexpected gift after being in hospital for a few weeks.

Misericordia patient Joan Hiron (centre) enjoyed the Christmas performance by the Grove City Chorus with family members Glen and Val.

“I thought they were amazing,” says Joan. “It’s a bright side of staying at the hospital.” 

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