Sharing a moment of gratitude

An inspiring message written on a feather could take flight on social media.

At least that’s the hope from Marjorie Bain, lead unit clerk in the emergency department (ED) at Grey Nuns Community Hospital, who recently launched her Instagram wall project for ED patients and staff. People express gratitude through messages written on feathers, which are added to the wall, forming angel wings. A selfie or photo can be taken and shared on social media. 

Inspired by the popularity of Instagram walls, Marjorie wanted to create a space for positive messaging. 

“It is really good to encourage people to think about what they’re thankful for,” says Marjorie.

When a person promotes an attitude of gratitude, they tend to have a more positive outlook, she adds.

 As a wellness champion for Covenant Health, Marjorie wants the project to spur a social media conversation about gratitude.

 “It is a fun and easy thing to do. And I hope that it will make people pause and reflect about the things that they’re grateful for in life.”

 Melanie Keller and Marie Obina, both ED unit clerks, say the project makes them think positive thoughts.

“It’s something that will uplift people’s spirits," says Melanie.

"It encourages people to take the time to thank who they’re working with and simply to voice more positive vibes,” says Melanie.

Marie says the project allows everyone to pause and reflect about what really matters.

The wall is Marjorie’s second wellness initiative this year, following on a successful “Heart to Heart on Valentine’s Day” project in February where people took heart cutouts with printed inspiring messages and gave them away.

For Marjorie, promoting wellness to colleagues and others is important.

“This is something that I truly believe in. It is important to be active and to eat healthy and to make sure you are sleeping well. I try to bring inspirational wellness stories of our staff and share them with colleagues across the organization.”

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