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Bridging cultures to promote healing

Marlene Collins may be soft-spoken, but she is a strong voice for Aboriginal patients and residents at the Bonnyville Health Centre. ...

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Throughout the summer, people are welcome to explore the tipi erected in the outdoor courtyard of the Misericordia Community Hospital cafeteria. It is the eigth year the Covenant Health site has celebrated the healing power of Aboriginal culture this way.

Tipi teachings

Three questions to Kyle Campiou, Aboriginal Cultural Helper for Covenant Health

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Friendship Group heals with social connections

Delicious food, friendship and a few laughs are the ingredients of a good potluck. That’s exactly what Brenda and Deb regularly ...

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How to recognize bedbugs

Appearance Bedbugs are up to 10 mm long.They have an oval, broad flat body with a short, broad head.Adults are brown ...

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Premature twins Jacob and Arianna were born at the Grey Nuns Community Hospital on May 23, 2016, at 32 weeks and four days.

Helping premature babies get home sooner

Erica and Cory Thomas can remember vividly the day it all started. “We had initially come in to be monitored because ...

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Life-saving vascular surgery with compassion

When Eva Jansen mentioned having blurred vision to her physician in early 2015, he sent her for tests. As an active ...

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Who are the surgeons who restore your body’s blood flow?

The Northern Alberta Vascular Centre at the Grey Nuns Community Hospital in Edmonton is home to some of the top vascular ...

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