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Bill Bush shows the importance of staying active while we age.

Five at-home workouts for seniors

Physical activity is important at any age. However, seniors face many challenges when it comes to staying active. Getting to the ...

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Catherine Willis has lived with Type 1 diabetes for over 55 years. Even though she has faced some challenges, she still has a positive outlook on life.

Diabetes: Over 50 years of struggles and triumphs

In 1961, Catherine Willis went into a coma and her parents didn’t know what was wrong. Despite the terrible storm, they ...

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Krysta Smith with her sons (from left) Reed, Finn and Callum. Photo by Carla Nahirney.

Breastfeeding mothers need support

Few moments were as bittersweet as when I breastfed my third (and last) baby for the last time. The truth is ...

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Peaceful passing: hospice care embraces family’s wishes

When 71-year-old Garry Lefebvre’s cancer prognosis became terminal, his family had limited knowledge of what palliative care could offer, but they ...

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