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Mary Daubney, dressed in a land girl uniform, proudly displays memorabilia from the Second World War, when she served with the Women's Land Army.

Seniors’ colourful past celebrated in calendar fundraiser

Mary Daubney was only 11 years old in 1941 when her parents and brother were killed in a Nazi bombing campaign ...

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As soon as Robin Forslund felt well enough, she was able to hold her baby skin to skin. Her wish to have that precious time with her daughter right after birth while they were still in the operating room came true.

Skin to skin

The Grey Nuns Community Hospital is now offering moms with planned caesarean sections (C-sections) a chance to experience skin-to-skin contact with ...

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Matters of life and death

If you want to keep up with Reverend Dr. Marc Jerry of Red Deer, you’ll need to wear your sneakers. A ...

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How mental illness affects Canadian youth

Everyone will be touched by a mental health issue—whether with themselves, in their families or in the workplace. Scott Aylwin, Senior ...

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