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Volunteer knitters provide comfort to kids in hospital

Through knitted donations, volunteers are helping to make the emergency department a less scary place

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Moyra Jones' quote hangs on the wall of St. Therese Villa in Lethbridge as a staff declaration to families and residents that it is privilege to work in the resident's home.

Giving families a voice in their loved ones' care

One of the hardest decisions Laree Findlay has ever had to make was to move her mom, Phyllis Clark, into long-term ...

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A team approach to recovery after surgery

Q&A: Enhanced Recovery After Surgery with Colleen Effa, ERAS Nurse Co-ordinator

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On a recent visit to Youville Home, Jacob Trach reminisces with a group of Sisters. Jacob has a strong connection to the Grey Nuns: he has worked with them, been a patient in their care and donated to their mission.

A walk down memory lane

It was more than 50 years in the making—a "walk down memory lane" tea between Jacob Trach and the retired Sisters ...

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Premature babies: Stats and facts

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), preterm birth happens when a baby is born before 37 weeks of pregnancy are ...

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